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Through portal, you will reach with your message to a professional group of Polish dieticians who shape the nutritional attitudes of Poles in a cost-effective way, thanks to the largest reach to this group of recipients in Poland.



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Publishing articles Price (Gross, PLN)
 Article without homepage  1499 zł
 Article with homepage + new articles widget  1799 zł
++++ Copywriting (expert)  400 zł
++++ Webpush (10k recipients)  600 zł
++++ Facebook (22k followers + boost 100 zł)  600 zł
++++ Newsletter Banner (4k subscribers)  800 zł
++++ Twitter (1k subscribers)   50 zł
 ++++ InstaStory (7,5k followers)  500 zł
 ++++ LinkedIn (1k followers)  50 zł
++++ Club Post (3k members) 50 zł
Example: a sponsored article published on the home page and news category written by our journalist costs PLN 2,199 | All articles are marked as “sponsored article” with the company logo. Each article undergoes a substantive evaluation by the editors. May contain dofollow links.




Formats (desktop + mobile) Example Price / Day (Gross, PLN)
 Floating skyscraper LINK 150 zł
 Related Native Ad LINK 100 zł
Branding Header (non-click) LINK 250 zł
 Leaderboard LINK 300 zł





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